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Consult all the products manufactured and marketed by Codimar Rollers; rollers, heads, sheaves, cones, gravity, chain, belt conveyors, accessories for machinery …

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General Roller Catalog

Quality policy, table for the selection of tubes, technical recommendations, driven maintenance rollers, conical elements …

Roller Components Catalog

Plastic heads, bushings,, rollers, metal heads, thermoplastic cones, metal and plastic pinions …

Catalog Plans

Roller plans to know their characteristics: measurements, type of separator, number of end rubbers, interior …

Transportation Solutions Catalog

Roller spiral, driven roller curve, roller curve, turning tables, folding conveyor …

RSP Series Mining Rollers Catalog

Support rollers in Artesa, in V, smooth return, shock absorber rollers, oval wiper, helical.

General Rollers Leaflet

Light series handling rollers, heavy series, heavy series mining, special rollers, drums …

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