Other Frames

  • Frame: Carbon / stainless steel
  • Finish: Painted / Zinc Plated / Sandblasted
  • Frame Profile: UPN Laminate
  • No. of rollers: 1, 2 units
  • Ø Rollers: 60, 63.5, 70, 76, 80, 89, 108, 133 and 156mm
  • Roller Angle: 0º, 10º, 15º and 20º

In addition to the basic station configurations, there are multiple applications for this transportation system.

Some cases can be:

PICKING AND CHARGING STATIONS , where the load is distributed over a larger belt surface to collect, classify and inspect the transported material.

IMPACT STATIONS , applicable at loading and transfer points to absorb the impact of the material through shock-absorbing rubbers. In this way, the band is protected from damage, thus increasing its useful life.
STATIONS WITH HELICAL CLEANER to prevent the build-up of sticky materials thus keeping the belt clean.
RETURN STATIONS WITH DISCS , applicable when transporting wet, sticky and corrosive material with a tendency to freeze on the belt. Disc arrangement can be grouped or spaced according to conveyor requirements

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