Codimar is ‘Registered Trademark’ since 1995

History of Our Company

Extensive professional experience as manufacturers of rollers, machines and equipment for transport in material handling and mining industry

First steps

Codimar SL was born as a company in the service sector both for mining as well as for public works, agriculture and industry in general.

Its beginnings were in the vulcanized section, making splices or vulcanizing rubber and pvc conveyor belts on site at the factory, becoming distributors for Córdoba of one of the most important Spanish brands in the manufacture of conveyors.

In the field of belt repair, we also came to have official distributions from the company itself in Málaga, Granada and Almería, However, market requirements and the current economic situation make it necessary to change the meaning of our company.


Some years later, due to the growing demand in the sector, Codimar begins to take its first steps in the Manufacturing World.

First in the Mining Rollers, betting from the beginning on a quality product with first-class components, which resulted in our “RSP Heavy Mining Roller”, that today competes with the best rollers on the market in the field of mining and aggregate treatment in general.

And later and as always putting the quality of the components used first, Codimar enters the field of Manufacturing of the Support Roller of all kinds of characteristics; metallic, powered, free …

With the passage of time, Codimar continues to grow and also includes the manufacture of machines for lifting and transporting products, first of all very simple, to finish more complex


Today, Codimar, surrounded by a large staff of professionals and protected by an internationally Certified Quality system by BV, has become a company with extensive experience in the field of Manufacture of Maintenance Rollers, as well as any type of Machine for lifting, transporting and storing, any product.

Gravity Roller Conveyors, Driven or belt, Roller Transfers, Stackers and dispensers for pallets and any type of machine; either from your plans or designed by us in our Technical Office.

For all this, Codimar wants and can, with your permission, be a truly reliable partner for you and your investments.

Our values

Experience in the sector, quality certifications, variety in our products, presence in international markets …


More than 25 years of professional experience and presence in the international market, Codimar has been a registered trademark since nineteen ninety five.


We have the Certification “ISO 9001: 2015 standard” adapted to the standard ISO 9001.


Manufacturing of Rollers for Mining and Maintenance, as well as any kind of Machine for Lifting, Transportation and Storage.


Codimar have a presence in countries of Europe, Central America, South America, North Africa and the Middle East.

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