New roller for the manufacture of masks FFP2

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Codimar has created a new roller for the manufacture of FFP2 masks. Roller made to measure according to the needs of a mask manufacturer.

Increase in the manufacture of FFP2 masks

The manufacture of FFP2 masks has seen its production increased due to the pandemic that we are experiencing. Its use was already common in some jobs where employees had to protect themselves from toxic environments. But it is now, with the arrival of the Covid 19 virus, that its demand has skyrocketed.

The FFP2 and FFP3 masks, both without an exhalation valve, are recommended against the coronavirus because they serve to avoid spreading and getting infected. They are also the ones that are recommended when you are going to stay indoors for a long time to prevent spread.

Faced with this increase in demand, many companies have had to transform their production systems. And even others have redirected their businesses to survive this pandemic, dedicating themselves from scratch to the production of masks.

Codimar adapts to the needs of its clients

The F521 / 1.2379 turned steel roller was created to respond to the needs of our client, who had a machine for the manufacture of masks but needed a special and made-to-measure rollers to cut the FFP2 molds.

The solution was the production of a high vacuum oven heat treated roll which was given a hardness of 58/62 HRC. The tempering to which it was subjected was not superficial but total, that is, up to the core. In this way we ensure that the blades remain in perfect condition for many cycles.

How does the turned-milling roller work?

Due to the danger of having a roller with very sharp blades that rotates at high speed in view, it is installed inside the machine.

As it turns, it marks the pattern of the mask on the cellulose. And he cuts it, separating the final product on one side and the disposable material on the other.

Advantages of the turned-milling roller

The main advantage is that our roller can adapt to all kinds of cutting patterns. In this case it has been adapted for the manufacture of masks, but its uses are unlimited.

If you think we can help you improve your production system, don’t hesitate to contact us. At Codimar we have a team of professionals and a technical department that works to offer our customers tailor-made roller solutions that best suit the needs of their business.

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